Dezyna Interiors ABC's of Home Office Design- I is for Inspiration
ABC's of (Home) Office Design

I is for Inspiration & Individuality

In today’s post of ABC’s of (Home) Office Design‘, the letter I is for Inspiration and Individuality.

Whether it be a theme, a wallpaper, an artwork or even a destination, inspired pieces provide endless inspiration for inspired spaces. 

One of my favourite ways to create an interior is to work off an item or product that has inspired a client.  

These ideas can be translated into a variety of elements that can be represented in a space, creating layers of detail that look stunning and create ambiance.  

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” Dame Anna Wintour DBE

Express your individuality

Celebrate your personality and show who you are! Gone are the days of having cold, impersonal spaces or spaces that look like a carbon copy of your favourite influencer.

Nothing makes a space more personal than including your own unique input- first & foremost your interior needs to be a timeless space you love to be in. 

From including your favourite bright colour as a wall or floor finish or decor, to a beloved statement piece that you simply have to have in your space or a combination of all these items, your options are endless- as long as it’s an authentic representation of you. 

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