ABC's of Home Office Design- Biophilia
ABC's of (Home) Office Design

B is for Biophilia

Let’s continue with the ‘ABC’s of (Home) Office Design‘, where B is for Biophilia. 

Still a trend and a personal favourite of mine, biophilia is described as ‘an innate love for the natural world’. 

It helps explain why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us- why a garden view can enhance our creativity, why shadows and heights instill fascination and fear and why animal companionship or strolling through a park can have restorative, healing effects. 

Studies have shown that when you incorporate biophilia in your office environment (at home or at the office), you can experience immediate benefits. Some of these benefits include a general feeling of well-being, increases in office productivity and creativity. 

How we experience Biophilia

Biophilic applications can be divided into 3 main areas: 

Through Direct Experience: by incorporating natural elements such as water or water features, sunlight and plants. 

Through Indirect Experience: by incorporating natural materials, patterns & items representing nature, like seashell or leaf patterns.  

By the experience of Space & Place: where elements are created to evoke ideas of mystery, refuge & risk that are linked to childhood memories and experiences- like the way we feel when exposed to certain elements of nature. 

Even if you’re not thinking of creating a new office space right now, adding some biophilic elements are an easy & affordable way to refresh your work space. Extra kudos go to you if you incorporate locally- sourced, sustainable natural products!

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