Dezyna Interiors ABC's of Home Office Design- G is for Gallery Wall
ABC's of (Home) Office Design

G is for Gallery Wall

Continuing with the ‘ABC’s of (Home) Office Design‘ for the busy professional … G is for Gallery Wall 


What inspires you? Do you have a favourite quote, picture or art print? 

Perhaps you have pictures or memorabilia of a hobby or interest- or even artwork you’ve created that you could frame!

Your interior should inspire you, so what better inspiration than the images and items that bring you joy? Especially those that take you back to a special time and place … 

Above all, a gallery wall is a wonderful way to create an interesting backdrop or feature wall in your space. You can achieve this by choosing a more uniform selection of frames. Alternatively, create a funky eclectic look by using a variety of frames, art and photographs. 

Gallery Wall DIY

Creating a gallery wall can be a fun DIY weekend project! Collect a variety of frames and pre-plan the layout of your gallery wall in a configuration you like. 

Measure twice, cut once is a common saying in the carpentry business. Therefore, it’d be wise to be extra sure of your measurements before committing to a hammer and nails! Similarly, a spirit level is an equally handy tool to use to ensure that your frames are hung straight. 

If you like changing up your décor often, consider using floating display shelves in combination with frames that are hung on the wall. You can then change up the items that are displayed on the shelves to add variety & keep things fresh. 

Not sure where to start or what to display on your gallery wall? 

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