ABC's of Home Office Design- Colour
ABC's of (Home) Office Design

C is for Colour

In this post of the ABC’s of (Home) Office Design‘, the letter C is for Colour.

An obvious but essential element of your interior, changing the colour of your environment is one of the most affordable & easiest ways to influence your mood, your productivity and your general well-being!

Fun Facts about Colour

Did you know that studies have shown that green can enhance reading ability?  

Following on from my previous post about biophilia, plants and the colour green are very relaxing psychologically. When the brain is relaxed, the body tends to follow.

Blue is good for calm, focus and concentration.

Red has been found to enhance attention to detail.

Orange is thought to be welcoming and mood enhancing, improving neural functioning.

Yellow increases creativity, attention and positivity.

To create impact, a cost-effective way is to include accents of colour to the walls & floors.

A feature wall can be created by painting a wall in an accent colour of your liking or by installing a vibrant wallpaper of your choice.


Pantone’s colour of the year choice of ‘Viva Magenta’ seems to have been welcomed universally- versions of this vibrant tone can be incorporated as a pop of colour in a space with a couch or smaller accessories like scatter cushions (for the less-adventurous).

Our progression to brighter tones since the pandemic is still in progress, though.

Current colour trends include blush tones, yellows, jewel colours and deep blues.

More on these in future posts!

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