Dezyna Interiors ABC's of Home Office Design- F is for Furniture
ABC's of (Home) Office Design

F is for Furniture

As we continue with the ‘ABC’s of (Home) Office Design‘, F is for Furniture

Furniture is not just functional, it’s also a form of art.” 
-Kelly Wearstler 

Furniture should be functional and ideally aesthetically pleasing. 

Now it may not be always practical or possible right now to own an item or three in your space that ticks all the boxes, but there are a few things to bear in mind when selecting the furniture items for your space. 

Something I like to remind my clients about is that one size does not fit all – and the items selected should complement the style of the interior they’re placed in. 
In other words, find items that suit you (ergonomically) and that also mirror your own style regardless of trends. 

This will help you create a space you love to be in – even home offices do not need to look overly corporate.  
For a few years now, we have been adapting our offices to incorporate elements from our homes and vice versa. 

Why not create the space you always dreamed of? 
After all, you deserve it- so go ahead and invest in your home and ultimately, yourself – it’ll be totally worth it! 

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