Dezyna Interiors ABC's of Home Office Design- K is for Kinetics
ABC's of (Home) Office Design

K is for Kinetic

In today’s post of ABC’s of (Home) Office Design‘- the letter 𝗞 is for Kinetic  

I’ve spoken a lot in this series about making a space your own, reflecting your own unique personality & style, incorporating various elements, furniture and decorative items – but what if your space is limited? 

Small spaces have become increasingly popular, especially with the current post-pandemic economic climate.  

Maybe you’ve downsized, trying to live a simpler life or you’re working towards financial freedom… or maybe the space you have is what you can afford, and you need to make the best of it! 

Either way, whichever position you’re in, you still deserve to be in a space that looks great & works for you! 

Interior design for small spaces can present a unique challenge, but with some creativity, it is possible to make an amazing, functional space.  

So, what do kinetic elements have to do with small spaces? 

The definition of kinetic is ‘relating to or resulting from motion, or dependent on movement for its effect’. 

Movement is a key aspect of design, whether it’s the movement of the body in a space or the movement of information through a system. Good design should facilitate and enhance movement. 

Using kinetic or movable elements like sliding or folding doors or partitions that allow for flexible use of a space can add visual interest and a sense of dynamism to a space, creating a sense of movement while also allowing for privacy when needed.  

Do you have a small space & you’re not sure how to optimise it to be a functional & great looking space? 

I can help you with unique solutions for your small space. Click here to find out more about the services we offer. Just looking for some inspiration? Click on this link to follow me for some ideas or contact me directly on

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